Vici Capital Partners | FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about ViciPartners and how we focuses exclusively on earnings growth through better execution. We are complementary, not competitive, with strategy or functionally focused consulting firms.
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How is Vici different from other consulting firms?

Vici focuses exclusively on earnings growth through better execution. We are complementary, not competitive, with LEAN and Six Sigma initiatives as well as strategy or functionally focused consulting firms. Set your general strategy. Pick your team. Then partner with Vici on a pay-for-performance basis to tap into your employees’ knowledge of your business to grow earnings.

What will a VICI project achieve?

Our clients average more than 500 basis points of incremental earnings. Most of the improvement comes online within 12 months. Top management gains deeper and unique insight into the details of their businesses and the people running them.

How does a Vici project help long term?

Your broader team learns how to evaluate and recommend profit-growing changes that management can rely on. By increasing their ability to get more done, more quickly, their morale goes up. The methodology for delivering profitable change becomes part of the company’s DNA, generating continuous improvement for years to come.

When do management teams partner with Vici?

Management teams partner with Vici when they are highly motivated to grow operating margins. Timing and specific purposes often include:

  • Generating cash to invest in growth
  • Integrating mergers, acquisitions and functions with reduced risk and greater value
  • Correcting or avoiding disappointing earnings
  • Change in ownership, leadership and/or galvanizing a new management team
  • Executing on a turnaround
  • Continuing to out-perform competition
  • Changes in the macro environment

Is a Vici project right for your company?

If you would like to know what a Vici project could do for your company, please contact us. After a short time with some of your senior functional leaders, we can provide an earnings growth estimate. Since Vici is paid for results, there is no incentive to “sell” a project that will not succeed. It will be a collaborative conversation about what is possible and what makes sense to do.

Why hire Vici rather than doing the work yourselves?

Professional athletes hire professional trainers. Why? Because they need every competitive edge they can get. Because they can’t afford to waste time. Because they want to win. Companies get more done, more quickly by working with experts and using proven tools. The payback on Vici projects is measured in weeks. Vici projects consume bandwidth … but much less if you were to undertake a project on your own. Also, it’s a lower risk, our methodology has delivered 300 to over 1,000 bps every time.