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We specialize in organic and sustainable earnings growth
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ViciPartners specializes in organic and sustainable earnings growth


  • We partner with management and their teams to sustainably reduce costs and grow profitable revenues.
  • We have a track record of 300 to 1,000 basis-point increase in operating margins – most of which is implemented in 12 months.
  • We serve a range of industries and companies from $400MM to the Fortune 1000.

We tailor our proven and structured process to build lasting capabilities in your organization


  • Our senior team engages deeply with client leaders at all levels.
  • Weekly tasks are executed in a methodical way from identifying opportunities through implementation.
  • Our software simplifies the work and ensures all ideas are valued consistently.
  • Implementation is ensured through fact-based consensus building.
  • Senior leaders have detailed visibility into weekly progress and earnings impact.
  • Emerging leaders are identified and given an opportunity to shine.
Vici Approach - Business Consultation Meeting


Why it Works

Line Manager Ownership Icon Small


  • Line leaders own changes in their direct control
  • Potential blockers commit to support change before decisions.
360 Degree Challenging Icon


  • CEO sets high expectations (but not targets)
  • Challenge everything (top down, bottom up and outside in)
  • Amnesty (cheer opportunity, no blame for past)
Profit-Based Decisions Icon Small


  • Quantify dollar impact of each change (positions, vendors, price, etc.)
  • Assess whether benefits outweigh risks for each change
  • Use facts, not opinions; leverage the experience of experts
Structured Process Icon Small


  • Execute weekly tasks in a short timeline
  • Consider and decide inter-related changes together
  • Separate savings ideas from revenue changes
  • Use software for consistent valuations and full transparency
Accountability Icon Small


  • Measure all changes from a baseline
  • Set simple milestones and metrics to assure implementation
  • Tie accountability to specific people, dollars, change in work and margins


 Traditional ConsultingVici Partners
SCOPEStrategy, organizational, functionalTactical earnings growth
TEAMTalented problem solversExperienced executives working with your line managers
WORK PRODUCTThoughtful recommendationsSpecific, quantified improvements line managers commit to implement
THE"MAGIC"Smart, hard-working consultantsEmpowering line managers to own and lead the changes
IMPACTResolution of issues, refined direction300 – 1,000 bp increase in operating margins
PAYMENTFee for servicePay for performance